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Indian Granites

India has the widest range of natural stone deposits and resources. India possesses the most exotic colours and shades of granite, which are not found in other parts of the world.

Granite is well known as one of the most beautiful and reliable materials for the building industry and it has been used throughout millennia by ancient and modern architects alike. This is because granite is the most long lasting and durable stones known to man. It is not worn down by various environmental chemicals or weather wear down. Hence, in addition to the beauty of the stone itself, it is for this reason still that granites remains as one of the few building materials in history that has lasted throughout time.

History has chronicled the achievements of Indian stone craftsmen through the centuries. There are over 150 varieties of granites available in India. Some of the more popular varieties include Rawsilk Kashmir White, Paradiso and Red Mullti. However, India also produces some of the more exotic colors which are highly desirable to the modern architect, but not as easily accessible.

Some of the popular Indian granites:
Imperial White Himalayan Blue Millenium Gold
Kashmere White Sea Weed Green Shiva Yellow
Lavender Blue Yellow Fantasy Paradiso
Tropical Green Marigold Raw Silk
Volcano Red Ivory Gold Red Multi
Ruby Red Black Pearl Platinum Blue
Absolute Black Black Galaxy Tan Brown
Cafe Imperial Chikoo Pearl Cat Eye
Icon Brown Colombo Juprana Chilly Red
India Green
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